Lightly-sparkling “Marì” Lumassina
100% Lumassina
Grapes from: Varigotti
Aspect: South
Vineyard age: 30 years
Training system: Bush-trained (alberello)
Elevation: 70 m.
Soil: Silty / clay / limestone
Yield/ha: 40 quintals
Vineyard density: 4500 vines/ha
Grapes from rented Varigotti plots.
Off-the-skins vinification with controlled fermentation at 16° C to reach 8% alcohol, then stopped by centrifugation.
Transfer to a pressure tank for re-fermentation to 12.5% alcohol, at a pressure of 2.5-3.0 bars; 5g/l of residual sugars.
Cultured yeasts. 5,000 bottles of IGT wine.
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