DOC RLP Pigato "il Canneto"
Grapes from: Testico
Aspect: South / southwest
Vineyard age: 10 years
Training system: Guyot
Elevation: 450 m.
Soil: clay / limestone
Yield/ha: 50 quintals
Vineyard density: 6500 vines/ha
The wine is made with 100% pigato from Testico.
During vinification the grapes undergo two types of processing:
50% is treated like vermentino and the rest is taken for three days of fermentative maceration, as if it were a red wine. Ambient yeasts are used for fermentation and during the 72 hours of maceration the wine is pumped gently once or twice over the cap and the temperature id lowered. After maceration the wine is pressed and moved to untoasted acacia barrels, usually first, second and third passage, made by two Austrian coopers. Fermentation continues in these barrels, with weekly lees stirring for about four months, then the wine is moved to steel vats. No sulphur dioxide is used during fermentation.
The two wines are then blended as for Vermentino. 50% cultured yeasts and 50% ambient yeasts. 10,000 bottles of DOC wine.
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