DOC RLP Rossese “Stundaio”
100% Rossese
Grapes from: Cervo
Aspect: South / southwest
Vineyard age: 8 years
Training system: spurred cordon
Elevation: 220 m.
Soil: stony, limestone
Yield/ha: 65 quintals
Vineyard density: 6500 vines/ha
Harvest at physiologic maturation with manual picking in small boxes.
Light decrushing, cold pre-fermentative maceration in inox steel tanks (5'C) for 3 days, after the temperature rising (20'C) starts the fermentation under the skins(5/6 days), than finishes without skins (more or less the process takes about 20 days); bottling after filtration; 2 months of aging in bottle.
Production 5000 bottles
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