Vineyard di Cervo
In the summer of 2003, as we continued our quest for vineyard terrain, we took the road up the Rollo hillside, where the Romans are said to have cultivated vines to supply their ships sailing to and from Spain. As we turned down towards Cervo we noticed vine leaves creeping above the branches and brambles of a woody hollow.
The gently sloping area had a good southerly aspect and was shielded from the north winds, with the land already terraced in part.
Moreover, the plots were not only easy to reach thanks to the construction of a handy private road, but also had an abundant water supply since the road that slopes down to Cervo is flanked by olive groves.
All these factors convinced us to expand our winery with the purchase of these fields, and we decided the conditions were ideal for dedicating the new site to cultivation of red grapes.
The year after we completed the purchase and proceeded with extensive clearing and preparation of the soil, we began to plant the first grenache and syrah stock. In 2008-2009 we added rossese, mourvedre and other minor varieties.
At the moment we have three hectares under vine, from which we obtain most of the grapes required for our rosé and our reds.
The vineyard is located at an average altitude of 250m.
Vine density is about 7,000 vines per hectare, with spurred cordon training and each hectare yielding 65 quintals.
We also have pulse cover-cropping in Cervo, planted in winter.
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