Vineyard di Testico
In the 1960s, a certain Signor Aicardi, an olive oil producer from Testico, found a natural amphitheatre overlooking the sea and here he planted a small vineyard and fruit grove.
The site had its own water supply which he collected by creating a large pool at the foot of the hill. The excellent aspect and the elevation create a first-rate microclimate, warm through the day and cool at night.
The older village folk swear that such exquisite, fragrant grapes and fruit had never been seen before.
These tales persuaded us to buy the site in 2004 and despite it being little more than scrub by then, we were sure the growing conditions would be perfect for white wines.
Here we planted our pigato and a small percentage of vermentino, keeping vine density to about 6,500 vines/ha, preferring simple Guyot training and planting cover-cropping pulses.
The south-facing vineyard is located at an average altitude of 450 metres.
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